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New Home Sales Coaching

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Creating Urgency
in a Non-Urgent Housing Market

Urgency is the key component to a strong market, but in tough markets, sales counselors must create that urgency. Fortunately, Jason Forrest has the method for tapping into this high-powered emotional resource!

What Clients Say:

"I have used Jeff Shore for sales training for the past 8 years and I have always been extremely pleased with the results. The sales people always leave charged up and ready to write a sale! Jeff¹s topics are timely and relevant to the needs of new home sales people and he delivers them in a way that is fun and memorable"

Christine Woodcock
W Real Estate Services

"I just had to let you know how incredibly well my team did this past month with a total of 236 transactions, or 5.2 transactions per rep.  My team is really pumped with your coaching and the creation of our new sales path. You are the bomb.  We just had our best month and we are having our best year since 2006. Thank you for coaching our team to higher levels than imagined. "

Mary Antepenko
Pre-owned Homes

As sales strategists, we will partner with you to:

  • Identify Your Company’s Goals We identify your previous sales goals vs. actuals, your current sales goals, and future sales goals.
  • Identify Your Current Strategy Next we identify your current strategy on reaching those goals.
  • Assessment We assess the current strategy and advise you on adjustments that are necessary to reach current and future goals.
  • Implementation Together we carry out a specific plan to reach your goals.
  • Evaluation

When we customize a training strategy for you, we will help you determine which of our short-term and long-term solutions will be most suitable.

Our Short-term Solutions

Our short-term solutions give you the burst of energy you need to get back into your A-game. Short-term solutions include seminars, training exercises, books and CDs designed to boost your motivation and add new skills to your repertoire.

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Our Long-term Solutions

We are passionate about partnering with companies to solve problems from the top-down through both cultural and personal transformation. That’s why we offer custom-targeted long-term solutions designed to help your company achieve its goals and surpass the competition. Our flagship program, Leadership Selling®, is the most comprehensive training solution available in new home sales and will help your team achieve the enduring success it desires.

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Creating Urgency University
New Home Sales Training Book 40 Day Sales Dare
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