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Outstanding Sales Meetings

Transform your sales meetings from “boring and obligatory” into the highlight of your entire week! Jeff taps into years of management experience to bring you the secrets of incredible sales meetings. Outstanding Sales Meetings not only gives you the power to instruct and motivate your team but also provides six months of ready-to-use meetings—so the work is done for you! Sales managers must have this indispensable resource.

What Clients Say:

"Jeff Shore has made an impact on our community. After he spoke here people actually walked away changed. Several people returned to their offices and made immediate and lasting changes. Others renewed their commitment to doing what’s right even if it’s not easy. Why? Because Jeff’s message hits home. It is a message that is timely and relevant. Jeff is authentic, delivers his message with raw honesty, and at the same time is greatly entertaining. Our community spent an hour riveted to their seats to hear what Jeff was going to say next. And it changed our world."

Tammy Blount
Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitor Bureau

"What I like most about Jason Forrest's approach is that he fearlessly tackles the real challenges that we face on a daily basis, and it's my belief that learning how to deal with these challenges is what will separate the good salespeople from the great salespeople."

Shawn Grundy
General Sales Manager (2008)
American West Homes
Jeff Shore Founder & CEO, Shore Forrest Sales Strategies

When it comes to new home sales in a tough market, no expert has more profound insight — and irresistible enthusiasm—than Jeff Shore. A self-proclaimed new home sales “junkie,” Jeff delivers quick-witted, hard-hitting seminars that electrify sales teams with passion, discipline, and relentless positivity. Jeff’s fine-tuned sales technique and twenty years of experience make him the ‘go-to’ guru for the most difficult markets.

Jeff Shore’s speaking engagements have a powerful impact on teams across the United States. Blending substance and style like no other speaker in his field, Jeff keeps his audience thinking, laughing, and changing the way they do business.

Jeff seamlessly incorporates over two decades of managerial know-how into each presentation. In addition, Jeff’s background in theater arts makes him a captivating storyteller, weaving his expertise into anecdotes and sharp witticisms that leave his audiences with powerful illustrations of his proven techniques.

A versatile speaker, Jeff skillfully adapts for a broad array of audiences. People from every facet of the homebuilding industry — executives, lenders, superintendents, warranty representatives — have gained solid knowledge from Jeff’s speaking. His dynamic style fits any event, from seminars to company meetings to staff retreats.

Jeff’s reputation for clarity, humor, authority, and sincerity makes him one of the most requested speakers by the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, the International Builders show, and SMC’s all over the country. 

Jason Forrest President, Shore Forrest Sales Strategies

Jason grew up under the influence of his father (a business owner and professional salesperson), his mother, (a persuasive speaking professor), and Zig Ziglar (his Sunday school teacher and world famous salesperson and motivational speaker). He was an all state football player in high school, and graduated with a degree in psychology and an MBA in marketing. He went on to sell financial services and real estate before leading the sales development department at MDC Holdings/Richmond American Homes as the national director. These influences and experiences shaped Jason into who he is today—a salesperson first, a trainer on a mission, a national speaker, and a coach who pushes sales organizations to become the best version of themselves.

Jason Forrest is a salesperson first and foremost and understands sales by selling rather than observing. With a professional salesperson/ businessman for a father and a persuasive speaking professor for a mother, selling is in his blood.

Jason comes from a line of salespeople and sold his first diamond at eight years old in his father’s jewelry store. At family reunions, they tell sales stories. It’s the Forrest dynasty. Unlike some sales trainers who are performers or orators first and salespeople second (if at all), Jason is a salesperson to the core.

Jason takes his “Creating Urgency” message and delivers it in a way that leaves audiences across the country both spellbound and challenged. For an SMC, a builder show, or for a company event, Jason Forrest delivers!

Tapping into his vast research on the subject, Jason speaks as the true authority on the subject, as he systematically challenges people to re-think old traditions and to look at the sales process from the homebuyer’s eyes.

Jason’s revolutionary concepts are complimented by his ability to grip audiences with stories that are both poignant and relevant to their experience. SMC’s and builder shows around North America have shared the same response: “We're bringing Jason Forrest back!”

Creating Urgency University
New Home Sales Training Book 40 Day Sales Dare
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