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Deal With It!
Master 21 Tough Sales Office Situations

Endless negotiations, obsessing over incentives, buyer’s remorse—every sales office has its share of daunting customer interactions. Jeff pinpoints 21 of the most common sales office difficulties—and turns each one into a high-yield opportunity!

What Clients Say:

"Tough Market New Home Sales is a must see seminar if you are in the new home market. Jeff offers innovative—but not complicated—simple tactics and techniques that are sure to increase your ability to sell in today's obstacle-ridden market. His confidence, passion, energy, and humor are contagious. If you want tactics and techniques delivered straightforward and simple with a twist of humor, Jeff's material is right for you!"

Jennifer Olsen, CSP
Toll Brothers, Inc.
Senior Sales Trainer

"My sales team was so engaged and commented that Jeff is a true educator. His practical approach to selling provides the foundation for sales people to take ownership of their business and excel. The afternoon session for division presidents and sales managers was unbelievable. Jeff’s sincere commitment to the industry leadership is obvious. He is true to his word. Thank you for changing the world in Raleigh, NC!"

Sandra Paul, MIRM
Director of Sales and Marketing
Orleans Homebuilders

"Last week our sales team used your Seven Phases of Emotional Urgency in their sales presentation—we got 7 sales last week, and 3 sales on Sunday. They were all excited Monday morning… Thanks again for the training, and we truly appreciate you."

Flora Amir Alikhani
Sales Manager
Polygon Northwest

March 25th, 2010 | Maximizing Existing Leads and Prospects

With Jeff Shore, Founder & CEO of Shore Forrest
Date: March 25, 2010
Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST
Duration: Approximately 30 minuutes

We're all concerned about driving more traffic to our communities but that strategy makes no sense if we are not maximizing our existing opportunities.

It's time for an important diagnostic on what is happening with your existing prospects, and where potential sales slip through the cracks.

In this 30-minute webinar, home building industry veteran and renowned expert Jeff Shore will lead a discussion on how and where to spot the "lead leak".

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why your sales report is nothing more than a history lesson.
  • Why spending more to drive more traffic is not the best use of your $$$.
  • Why lowering your price might be your biggest mistake.
  • How successful companies make converting internet leads priority #1.
  • How to find 'A+' leads (Hint: they are already in your system labeled 'B-')

Sponsored by Lasso Data Systems



April 8, 2010 | Follow Up Made Easy

Featuring Jeff Shore & Jason Forrest
Date: April 8, 2010
Time: 10am PST / 1pm EST

Sometimes our best source of leads are to be found right in our existing database.  They're the people who visited us months ago but never purchased.  The problem is that reconnecting with old leads is really difficult for salespeople - so difficult that most let these leads die away.  Jeff Shore and Jason Forrest have the solution.  In the Blue Tangerine Webinar, "Follow-Up Made Easy", Jeff and Jason will teach insider tips on how to find new sales following a simple method.  The two will share their proprietary 5+5+ 5 system that makes follow-up easy for the salespeople and enjoyable for the prospects.  It's quick, it's easy... and it works!

Blue Tangerine Solutions
Sponsored by Blue Tangerine Solutions

Creating Urgency University
New Home Sales Training Book 40 Day Sales Dare
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